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The map shows the recommended R-values for attics in your area. R value refers to the resistance to heat flow that a product contains. Energy Control cellulose insulation has an R-value of 3.8 per inch! No other loose-fill or batt insulation has a higher R-value than Energy Control. That means every inch of Energy Control is working harder for you than other products to stop heat loss and gain in your home. 

Attics that are currently "under" insulated may be "capped off' by installing Energy Control cellulose directly over the top of the existing insulation material in the attic regardless of what type of insulation it is. Check to be sure that all wiring is sound, that all heat sources (including non IC approved can lights, chimneys, fans, etc.) are kept two inches away from the cellulose. (Remember, cellulose insulation's job is to keep heat from escaping, so these heat sources need to be vented to avoid problems). 

In new construction, Energy Control cellulose can be blown loose in open attics, dense-packed in cathedral ceilings, and the technique known as "net and blow" can handle bonus room knee-walls and floors. Ask you Energy Control installer for for his recommendation concerning your specific building need.

Since warm air rises, insulating your attic to the proper depth and R-value is vitally important in keeping the cost of heating your home low in the winter. And since heat-gain in the summer from outside sources is the greatest cause of increased cooling needs, a well insulated attic can hold down those high electric bills when the sun shines the hottest. 

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